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Determine the Best Sales Venue


JBD Estate Sales will work with you to determine the best sales venue to maximise your cash settlement including in-home sales, consignments, auctions and buy-outs.


An estate sale is an established, profitable method to liquidate a home’s full contents. They are generally staged in the house of origin and include all household items, furniture and accessories, clothing and linens, kitchen and garage contents. Successful estate sales don’t require fine antiques. Some of our best sales feature newer and “more average” items that are in good condition.


Some clients may have less than a full household to liquidate. They may be downsizing, moving or clearing a storage locker. JBD offers several approaches for smaller liquidation lots including estate merging, consignment sales, online auctions and buy-outs.


Estate merging involves blending partial estates into a single large sale. All parties benefit when the sale is advertised with a large and varied offering.


Consignment sales are appropriate when the final sale price is less negotiable and time is less of an issue.


Online auctions are excellent for worldwide exposure of any specialty piece. Some things tend to sell faster and command higher prices in markets outside of Texas.


Buy-outs are considered for smaller and/or less valuable lots or for clients who need to sell immediately. 


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