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Personalized Service


JBD Estate Sales provides personalized service for each client. We work on site to organize, clean, and stage your sale for maximum market appeal, security and customer safety. Items are appraised, priced and strategically displayed to enhance their appeal and value. 


Specialty items are researched to determine their best sales venue - onsite estate sale, auction or consignment. We’ll advertise your sale via online media and outdoor signage. Our email distribution reaches thousands of local and out of state shoppers including decorators, serious collectors, and dealers.


JBD Estate Sales provides all staging equipment including tables, showcases, price tags, bags and receipts.


On your sale day(s), our experienced staff will arrive to execute an organized, professional and secure sale. We recommend that our clients not be present during the sale. The final disposition of any unsold items will be made per the client's request as per contract.   


You’ll receive full payment within 5 business days of the sale’s last day and a full accounting of your sold items.


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